Amethyst Cluster Teardrop Cabochon c1806


  • Artist cut stone.
  • 43 x 19 x 12 mm

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This large teardrop is filled with natural Amethyst Crystals.  The sides and flat bottom are polished and she has a tall girdle so that you can embellish or stamp on your bezel.  Cut in my Treasure Coast, FL happy place with a bunch of good energy. Unbacked.

43 x 19 x 12 mm                           8 mm tall girdle

Hi! I’m Stacie and I cut smalls.  My cabochons are cut with a metalsmith in mind.  The back is flat and lightly polished. Although the cabs are small; wire wrappers are enjoying them as well.  All measurements are approximate and measured at the widest points.  Some of my cabs are domed and some are flattish.  Some have a glossy polish and some are matte finished by hand.  Appreciate the uniqueness of an artist cut cabochon.

Thank you for stopping by and considering adopting one of my rocks! If I can answer any questions drop me a message using the contact form here on my site.

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