about me

My name is Stacie Williams.  I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend; living on Florida’s Treasure Coast.  I am an Indie Jewelry Artist.  That means that I am independent.  I’m a one woman show.  I’m in charge of the design, fabrication, finishing, photographing, marketing, packaging, shipping, website…you get the idea.  I am Azoho.

Azoho is organic jewelry with a rustic feel- meticulously handcrafted with metalsmithing techniques passed down from generation to generation.  Many of the beautiful stones in Azoho pieces are hand cut and polished by the artist.  (Except for the small rounds) Meaningful found objects are often included allowing pieces to have a story.  Pieces altered and transformed.  Each unique piece is casual enough to wear everyday, but just as comfortable dressed up for a special night.

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How it began:

I started as a self taught smith with just a slight trepidation towards the torch.  After months of experimenting I was able to take my first metalsmithing class.  I knew this was what I wanted to do.  My only problem was that I couldn’t find cabochons to suit my style.  This was way before mainstream social media. All of the cabs that I could find were so big and oval.  I jumped when I had the opportunity to take a lapidary class.  I was reminded of how I collected rocks as a kid.  I loved going to the shows.  Always loved rose quartz and turquoise.  And it came full circle.  And now I have a collection of rocks that I use cool tools to cut into slices called slabs.  Then I use various grits of diamond wheels to shape and polish them. I find it very relaxing and quite zen.

The cabs that I offer for sale were cut by me with the intention of being used in one of my jewelry pieces.  Lucky for you I finish more cabs than jewelry pieces. It’s time to share my abundance.  I can’t seem to stop adding rocks to my collection.

My cabochons are cut with a metalsmith in mind.  The back is flat and lightly polished. Turquoise cabs are lightly backed for the stone’s protection. (Although the cabs are small; wire wrappers are enjoying them as well.) The bottom sharp edge is beveled for your setting pleasure. All measurements are approximate and measured at the widest points.  Some of my cabs are domed and some are flattish.  Some have a glossy polish and some are matte finished by hand.  Appreciate the uniqueness of an artist cut cabochon.

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For the metalsmiths:

I cut what we lovingly refer to as ‘smalls’.  I understand that some people don’t like small cabs- but some do.  I like to use multiple smalls in the same piece.  And some people just like cool stones without sharp corners while they are setting them.


Or maybe you are ready for one sharp corner. You promise that you’ll remember to start with the sharp corner when you go to set it in your bezel.  You’ll be fine…you’ve got this! And I’m going to want to see some pix of your work with cabs from Azoho.

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