Turkish Agate cabs listed in shop

This material from the Ankara region of turkey is gorgeous! I’ve added all three cabs to the shop.  This material is really special.  In my opinion the word rare is overused relating to rocks, but this material is expensive and hard to find.  I love cutting it so whenever I find a piece….I buy it. 🙂 Lucky you!

Each cabochon is listed separately.

Cab Sale 10.25.17

(Comments are now turned off/ preview sale is closed)  Welcome to the preview of the cabs that will be available this week.  As we’ve done before, these cabs will be available until 11 am  Wednesday (eastern) for my insiders.  After that I’ll close the comments while I prep for the sale on Instagram.  If you’d like to claim a stone, do so in the comments of this post.  If you don’t see your comment, it’s in my dashboard and I’ll clear them out as I see them.  This week I have a group pic but it’s not laid out to claim by number…let me know the name of the stone or send a screen shot by DM. 

A listing will be created for you here on the website by end of day on Wednesday.  (Click on shop) You’ll then have 24 hours to complete the transaction.  Thanks for swinging by to have a peek- here’s hoping that you get what you want!

Skully cabs.  (I have three black jasper, a green goldstone & a howlite- which is a booger to photograph, I posted a video earlier today on IG)

Crazy Lace Rectangles.  (there’s a better photo in my instagram stories)


  • Unknown Agate
  • Black Jasper
  • Green Goldstone
  • White Buffalo
  • Turkish Agate Asymmetric

Quartz Doublet Oval

Doublet Shield

Blue Goldstone Sm Geometric

Woolly Mammoth Tooth (stabilized and cast)

  • Large Triangle
  • Triangle with cut off corners
  • Skinny triangle
  • Diamond shape

Woolly Mammoth Tooth Cabs (Sold Out)


These gorgeous cabs are woolly mammoth tooth.  Cool aren’t they? The material was stabilized and cast and is stable enough to use in jewelry.  As far as this material goes- these are fabulous specimens of this rare material.  (I don’t use the word rare very often!) I was cutting a custom for someone and decided to cab most of the slab so that you have some choices.  The material makes for some very graphic cabs.  Yummy stuff right here.

If you’d like to claim anything in the photo, please send a comment with your choice.  The comments will be in my dashboard in the order they came in.  I’ll reply to your comment and create a listing for you.

US shipping is $4 per order and International varies.  If I can answer any questions you are welcome to DM me on Instagram or leave a comment here.  Thanks for having a peek- hope you enjoy this material.

***All have been sold. Thank you. Sale has concluded and comments have been turned off.  See ya next time 🙂