Some beautiful blues…

I am so grateful for the beautiful rock that I have the privilege of handling.  Sometimes when I pack up an order I experience a bit of envy.  This was one of those times.  I was really happy with the whole batch, but seeing these together had me seeing green.  The metalsmith who got these will make a gorgeous pieces with these.  I can’t wait to see them set in metal.

Order for Maria Torres
Order for Maria


I still go through phases where I’ll cut a lot of one color.  Seems to rotate between blues, reds and greens.  I’m in a blue phase now.  But seriously- look at this batch of beauties!

A collection of blue cabochons available for purchase
A collection of blue cabochons available for purchase

These were listed on the website and most were claimed quickly.  Have a look through the shop for more like these.  This turquoise is full of character and I am totally smitten with all of it.  😉

Silver and Turquoise Instasale

48 W Turquoise

It’s a real bummer when someone loves a stone in a ring but the ring isn’t their size.  These American Turquoise cabs were cut for my spring shows but I wanted to give people the chance to have a custom piece made for them.  Until they are claimed you are welcome to message me at and we’ll talk custom order.  🙂

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*edited to add: Thanks for your support- these have all gone to new homes.  🙂

I’m sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

w copy tanzI really like the simplicity of this necklace.  I knew I wanted to add a little pop of color.  This necklace features a tube set tanzanite cubic zirconia.  Tanzanite is a lovely shade of purple and blue.  And just to keep it interesting the stone is set at the unexpected 5 o’clock position instead of center bottom.  I think it’ll be a good reminder to not take things too seriously.

Handcrafted from sterling silver.  This necklace will layer with your other pieces.  Available here.