My love of White Buffalo

Sacred white buffalo.  White buffalo turquoise.  This material goes by a few different names but it’s the same great rock.  Chemically it’s not a turquoise, it doesn’t have what makes it blue.  It’s closer to a magnesite.  But it forms in one place.  In Nevada.  Right next to turquoise.  In a lovely black chert which gives some cabs a fabulous contrast that would make Ansel Adams proud. I love to cut it and I’m grateful to say that I have customers who love to buy it.

c103 wCloseup

Although (in my opinion) the word ‘rare’ is overused in the rock world- this material is getting harder to find.  And in turn more expensive.  But I love it and will buy it whenever I come across some good material.  Just another rock that’s beautiful and can be found in the US.

White Buffalo Group (1024x1024)

C283 b (1024x767)

c239 wb


It’s not always Turquoise

I love cabbing turquoise.  But I love lots of others kinds of rock as well.  I’ve been cutting some really pretty material.  Here’s a pic of some lovelies from a recent batch.

Nov 2015 Group of Cabs (1024x713)

Crazy lace agate from Mexico.  Labradorite from Labrador.  Cave Creek Jasper from Arizona.  White Buffalo from Nevada.  And of course some turquoise.  The coffins were popular- I’ll cut them year round.  And I loved the suggestion for labradorite coffins.  And the hearts.  Love the hearts.  And so do a bunch of metalsmiths.  And for that I am grateful.