It’s not always Turquoise

I love cabbing turquoise.  But I love lots of others kinds of rock as well.  I’ve been cutting some really pretty material.  Here’s a pic of some lovelies from a recent batch.

Nov 2015 Group of Cabs (1024x713)

Crazy lace agate from Mexico.  Labradorite from Labrador.  Cave Creek Jasper from Arizona.  White Buffalo from Nevada.  And of course some turquoise.  The coffins were popular- I’ll cut them year round.  And I loved the suggestion for labradorite coffins.  And the hearts.  Love the hearts.  And so do a bunch of metalsmiths.  And for that I am grateful.

The New Year | Welcome 2015

I love the new year.  Fresh.  Full of possibility.  It’s no secret that I love rocks.  And I’m in a happy place standing or sitting in front of my grinder.  Led Zeppelin playing.  So I just keep cabbing and cabbing.  And I love making jewelry.  My conundrum is that I am making cabs faster than I can set them.  I have a lot.  And one of my vices is buying rocks.  LOL.  I posed the question on FB and IG asking if I should list some for sale and was pleasantly surprised and humbled by the response.  So listing it is.  🙂 If I can figure out the best way to handle shipping on here I’ll list them on my site.  Otherwise I’ll just list them on my Azoho FB page.  And there are groups that I belong to on FB that have auctions a few days each week.  I’ll get this sorted out and it put a smile on my face.

2015 Cab Group January w