Tiny heart cabs and doublets

Who likes tiny cabs?

If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I love to cut small cabs but lately I’ve enjoyed cutting even smaller cabs.  I’ve added a little collection of Tiny Heart Cabochons to the website.  They are still beautifully cut cabs, just smaller.  Here’s a horrible photo of the group. 

Black Jasper, Sodalite and a couple doublets.  Tiny hearts.  My way of sending love out into the world.  I really enjoy cutting these little ones.  

Additionally some Doublets will be added this afternoon. For the time being I’ve suspended IG sales.  My cabs will only be available on my website.  If you see something you love, I’m happy to reserve it for you. During the Covid shutdown I’ve found that International shipping is incredibly slow but shipping within the US has been fine and without delay.  

When you have a few minutes of calm….check out what’s available on the website.  

Stay safe!