group pic of gorgeous cabochons

Beauties From the Week |August 2016

Sweet little batch of cabs from this week.  Since I have a sale on Instagram every Wednesday, I wrap up a batch every week.  It gives me a deadline to finish things.  This batch has a bunch of cabochons from some of my favorite stones.  Graveyard Point Plume Agate with …

Sonora Sunrise Group w

Beautiful Sonora Sunrise

  Sonora Sunrise from Mexico.  One of my favorite materials.  I just got some more rough and I’ve been cutting some gorgeous stones.  Here’s a nice example.  Look at those gorgeous colors. The blue is chrysocolla.  The red is cuprite.  And the black is tenorite.

Group 07.08.16 w

Shop Drop

Just dropped these cabs into the shop.  I’m working very hard to get some more listed! Some real beauties here.  Enjoy and …

GYP group w

Plume Agate from Graveyard Point

This material is one of my favorites.  Graveyard Point Plume Agate.  Graveyard point is near the Oregon and Idaho state line in …

Group Apr 7 2016 web

Group Shot

There’s something gratifying about seeing what I’ve finished photographed together.  Every week I try to take a group shot including everything that …

batch w

A beautiful Batch

Crazy Lace.  Chevron Amethyst.  Sodalite.  Cherry Creek Jasper.  Black Jasper Coffins.  Indian Paint Stone.  Turquoise.  This is a great batch of stones. …

c103 wCloseup

My love of White Buffalo

Sacred white buffalo.  White buffalo turquoise.  This material goes by a few different names but it’s the same great rock.  Chemically it’s …

Nov 2015 Group of Cabs (1024x713)

It’s not always Turquoise

I love cabbing turquoise.  But I love lots of others kinds of rock as well.  I’ve been cutting some really pretty material. …