The New Year | Welcome 2015

I love the new year.  Fresh.  Full of possibility.  It’s no secret that I love rocks.  And I’m in a happy place standing or sitting in front of my grinder.  Led Zeppelin playing.  So I just keep cabbing and cabbing.  And I love making jewelry.  My conundrum is that I am making cabs faster than I can set them.  I have a lot.  And one of my vices is buying rocks.  LOL.  I posed the question on FB and IG asking if I should list some for sale and was pleasantly surprised and humbled by the response.  So listing it is.  🙂 If I can figure out the best way to handle shipping on here I’ll list them on my site.  Otherwise I’ll just list them on my Azoho FB page.  And there are groups that I belong to on FB that have auctions a few days each week.  I’ll get this sorted out and it put a smile on my face.

2015 Cab Group January w

Dinosaur Bone

Collage Dinosaur BoneI’d like to give you some insight into my process for creating my handcrafted jewelry.  I like dinosaur bone.  It’s amazing to me that millions of years ago this was part of a living thing.  It lived it’s lived.  Died.  Agate formed in the fossils.  Millions of years go by and some guy in Utah digs up this rock.  I purchase said rock.  Do my thing.  And now someone will have a chunk of dinosaur to wear on their hand.  Which they will inevitably look at while they are on their smartphone.  LOL.

About ‘my thing’- I took the rock and cut it into a slab, which is the word we use for a slice.  Then I attach it to something to hold.  I use a nail or a piece of dowel.  Then I grind it on wheels of various grits.  Then onto a polish.  That’s cabbing in a nutshell.

These rings are set in sterling silver.  My Mom got one for Mother’s day.  I have two more currently ready to ship.


Bench Pic

Rings by Azoho

I snap pictures all of the time on my phone while I’m working.  They get uploaded to instagram and facebook.  I never considered putting them up on my site because the photos aren’t good enough.  But it is what it is and it’s a part of my life.  Besides someone might enjoy process shots of my work. And as I’ve aged I’ve accepted that perfection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Life just isn’t perfect.  Enjoying life is so much more important.  Anyway- here’s a bench shot of some rings that I’ve made in the last couple of weeks.  The stones were cut by me.  And my fave is the dino bone.  Rings by Azoho