Dinosaur Bone

Collage Dinosaur BoneI’d like to give you some insight into my process for creating my handcrafted jewelry.  I like dinosaur bone.  It’s amazing to me that millions of years ago this was part of a living thing.  It lived it’s lived.  Died.  Agate formed in the fossils.  Millions of years go by and some guy in Utah digs up this rock.  I purchase said rock.  Do my thing.  And now someone will have a chunk of dinosaur to wear on their hand.  Which they will inevitably look at while they are on their smartphone.  LOL.

About ‘my thing’- I took the rock and cut it into a slab, which is the word we use for a slice.  Then I attach it to something to hold.  I use a nail or a piece of dowel.  Then I grind it on wheels of various grits.  Then onto a polish.  That’s cabbing in a nutshell.

These rings are set in sterling silver.  My Mom got one for Mother’s day.  I have two more currently ready to ship.


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