Azoho Goods and Apparel. Some fun new products for you.

Sometime last year I got a cutter machine.  A silhouette.  There was a learning curve to the design program and getting the best cut on various materials.  So I’ve been playing and putting vinyl on all sorts of things.


Every cup in the house has something on it.  I’ve played with vinyl that sticks on walls and other hard surfaces and heat transfer vinyl as well.

In the design program I’ve learned how to draw shapes and subtract and multiply.  So it started with the tools.  The jeweler’s saw, hammer and anvil.  Then it moved to a subway art piece and the tools in nail decals.  (Those are fun to put into people’s cab purchases) So far everything I’ve created is geared for makers.

I ordered blank shirts and bags and this new little division of Azoho was born.  I have a notebook full of ideas to play with.  In my opinion, this is a good use of my time when I can’t cut rocks.  There are times that the weather prevents me from cutting and this is creative and fun.  So this is Azoho Goods & Apparel.  Hope you pick up something cute!

Turkish Agate cabs listed in shop

This material from the Ankara region of turkey is gorgeous! I’ve added all three cabs to the shop.  This material is really special.  In my opinion the word rare is overused relating to rocks, but this material is expensive and hard to find.  I love cutting it so whenever I find a piece….I buy it. 🙂 Lucky you!

Each cabochon is listed separately.

Pop Up Sale | Dark Stones (Closed)

Those of you who follow my work know how much I love dark stones.

(Stones are sold/ Comments are now closed)   If you’d like to claim anything in the photo, please send a comment with your choice.  The comments will be in my dashboard in the order they came in.  I’ll reply to your comment and create a listing for you.

  • A: Black Jasper Round.
  • B: Blue Goldstone.
  • C: Indigo Gabbro.

US shipping is $4 per order and International varies.  If I can answer any questions you are welcome to DM me on Instagram or leave a comment here.  Thanks for having a peek- hope you enjoy this material.