My love of White Buffalo

Sacred white buffalo.  White buffalo turquoise.  This material goes by a few different names but it’s the same great rock.  Chemically it’s not a turquoise, it doesn’t have what makes it blue.  It’s closer to a magnesite.  But it forms in one place.  In Nevada.  Right next to turquoise.  In a lovely black chert which gives some cabs a fabulous contrast that would make Ansel Adams proud. I love to cut it and I’m grateful to say that I have customers who love to buy it.

c103 wCloseup

Although (in my opinion) the word ‘rare’ is overused in the rock world- this material is getting harder to find.  And in turn more expensive.  But I love it and will buy it whenever I come across some good material.  Just another rock that’s beautiful and can be found in the US.

White Buffalo Group (1024x1024)

C283 b (1024x767)

c239 wb