Crazy Lace Agate Necklace


  • Artist Cut Stone.
  • Handcrafted in Sterling Silver.
  • Leather Necklace will layer nicely with your other necklaces.

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Artist cut stone. This stone was dug out of the ground in Mexico.  I purchased the rock from the miner and cut it into slices and then used lapidary methods with various grits of silicone carbide and diamond wheels to grind the rock into the cabochon that you see here.  Mother earth has created a lively colorful rock here.  It was an honor to bring out the best in this and bring out a shine in the rock.  I’ve set the Crazy Lace Agate in sterling silver.   Hangs on an adjustable leather necklace.  The 2 mm black leather hangs at 18 inches (plus or minus 2″).  Slip it over your head and then adjust the length to suit your mood.  Or your neckline.

Drop: 30 mm            Width: 13 mm            Stone: 8.8 ct

Made with my hands and my tools on the Treasure Coast of Florida.  You can be proud to wear an Indie made necklace as individual as you are.  Although some chemicals are not good for silver jewelry (chlorine in pools and hot tubs, Bleach, and any harsh abrasive), this piece is sturdy and built to wear.  My jewelry is comfortable at the beach, at the office or dressed up for a special occasion.

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