Kingman Turquoise Little Cabochon


  • Natural and not backed.
  • 10.67 mm x 9.21 mm x 3.12 mm
  • .46 g (or 2.3 ct)

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A little turquoise cab.  The material is from the Kingman mine in Arizona.  I love the varying colors in this little guy.  Great as an accent or for a small project.

Lately I seem to have this “thing” where I see faces in everything and it’s happened again….when I cropped the photo I noticed a face in the stone.  LOL.

Hi! I’m Stacie and I cut smalls.  The cabs that I offer for sale were cut by me with the intention of being used in one of my jewelry pieces.  Lucky for you I finish more cabs than jewelry pieces.

My cabochons are cut with a metalsmith in mind.  The back is flat and has a light polish. (Although the cabs are small; wire wrappers are enjoying them as well.) The bottom sharp edge is beveled for your setting pleasure. All measurements are approximate and measured at the widest points.  Some of my cabs are domed and some are flattish.  Some have a glossy polish and some are matte finished by hand.  Appreciate the uniqueness of an artist cut cabochon.

Thank you for stopping by and considering adopting one of my rocks! If I can answer any questions drop me a message: