Two Stone Turquoise Ring |Azi Ring


  • American Turquoise
  • Artist Cut Stone
  • Sterling Silver

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Two artist cut American Turquoise stones each a free form triangle. Set in sterling silver. Substantial ring band that was built to last. (4mm wide) A smidge bigger than a size 7.

This Azi Ring features two cabs cut from the same piece of rock. Brothers if you will. Both very alike- like family. Each with their own uniqueness and characteristics. Each enhancing the other. Just like brothers. The Azi Ring is Alex and Zach inspired.

This ring is a bold 31 mm long (1.24 inches) and 15.10 mm across (.6 inches). The American Turquoise weighs in at 1.85ct and 2.30ct. It is comfortable to wear and does not poke. This ring is not for the timid because it will draw attention. Handcrafted start to finish by my hands and my favorite tools. First I cut the stones from chunks then I built the ring. Handmade with love and intention.

*This listing is for the two stone turquoise ring only. The other rings are available in other listings.

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