Cabochons from this week 04.25.17

Group shot of available cabs


******* Comments now turned off.  Message me if you’re interested in anything left.  I’ll get them dropped into the website as time permits.  *******

Here are the cabs that are available this week.  In addition to a preview, you’ll be able to claim cabs directly from here before they are shown on IG. 🙂 This will work similar to my weekly IG sale as you’ll claim what you’d like by a comment.  One stone per comment please.  Each photo is numbered then make your selection.  I’ll make a listing for you to pay for your purchase.  So let’s get started.  ***any unsold cabs will be in my weekly sale on IG on Wednesday.  At this time there aren’t many people on the preview list so your chances are fabulous!

1. Sonora Sunrise Mirrored Pair. 54 mm long and showing all three colors. In this material that is very desirable.  Sold as a pair. I know these aren’t for everyone but I know that the right metalsmith will find them when the time is right.  Over the years this material has increased in value and price so these will be for a very special project. Check website for availability.
2. Doublets. Stinking Water Plume Agate over Black Jasper. (L) Teardrop. Sold (R) Sm Spike






3. Doublet. Stinking Water Plume Agate. This cab does have a blueish cast to is as the white is thin. That is a druzy vug that you see. This one is cool.
4. Stinking Water Plume Agate Doublet Shield. She’s got a lot going on. You can see water lines from when the rock was formed and there’s sweet druzy running through it. Sold.
5. A trio of geometrics. (L) Lizardite. Sold (M) Rose quartz in a beautiful transparent material. Sold (R) Rose Quartz
6. Lava Rounds. All sold.
7. Black Jasper Tall House. Check website for availability.
8. Labradorite Coffin. Sold.
9. Doublet Drop. Feather Ridge Plume Agate in a darker colorway then I usually see. It’s beautiful and full of plumes and depth. Check Website for availability.
10. SOLD. Amethyst Cluster Square.




11. Feather Ridge Plume Agate Doublet Long Point. Wispy with a touch of pink. Sold.


Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy this new format.  It seems with the new IG algorithm people aren’t seeing the posts that they want to see.  I don’t want to keep all of my eggs in one basket and I’d prefer to have more control.  I’m not sure what’s going on with etsy either.  So I’m more comfortable on my own website.

Shop Drop

Group 07.08.16 w

Just dropped these cabs into the shop.  I’m working very hard to get some more listed! Some real beauties here.  Enjoy and thanks so much for looking.