ShopDrop Today | Adding new pieces to the webshop

ShopDrop w0422

In my world this is a big shop update.  LOL.  Because I over prepare and brought a lot of inventory to my last show I was able to have a good show and have pieces left to add to the website.  Admittedly I haven’t had much bench time lately except for a custom order.  For the makers that I know- I did get some cabbing time- it was quality rock time.  This is what is finished so far.  I seem to have a bottleneck at the measuring/ photographing part and I’m working on that.  All of this will be available here on my site later this afternoon.  I appreciate all of you who support handmade and help me live my dream of contributing to my family while doing what I love to do.

It’s earth day- hug a tree and lick a rock!