Beauties From the Week |August 2016

group pic of gorgeous cabochons

Sweet little batch of cabs from this week.  Since I have a sale on Instagram every Wednesday, I wrap up a batch every week.  It gives me a deadline to finish things.  This batch has a bunch of cabochons from some of my favorite stones.  Graveyard Point Plume Agate with some highly sought after and rare- pink plumes with a hint of red! Dinosaur bone.  Sonora Sunrise.  Blue and green goldstone.  Feather Ridge Plume Agate- which IS known for it’s gorgeous pink plumes.  Rose Quartz.  Brazilian Sodalite.  And a spike (Azoho’s name for a long thin triangle cab) in some fabulous AA Grade Kingman turquoise.  That’s definitely a week to be proud of.  I love my job.  I’m grateful that I get to handle all of these beauties.

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