Cabs 05.24.17

***Preview Sale has concluded and the comments have been turned off on this post.  See any available cabs in my Instagram Sale this afternoon at 2:30 eastern.  (Wednesday 5.24.17)    Catch ya next week!

Welcome to the preview of the cabs that will be available this week.  As we’ve done before, these cabs will be available until noon tomorrow for my insiders.  After that I’ll close the comments while I prep for the sale on Instagram.  If you’d like to claim a stone, do so in the comments of this post by photo number and choice.  If you don’t see your comment it’s in my dashboard and I’ll clear them out in the morning.

A listing will be created for you here on the website by end of day on Wednesday.  (Click on shop) You’ll then have 24 hours to complete the transaction.  Thanks for swinging by to have a peek- here’s hoping that you get what you want! Let’s get started.

Lots of cabs this week. Some new and some revisited.
1. The cabs in this photo are all $16. Please specify row. Top: Chevron Amethyst, Sonora Sunrise (blue), Print Stone, Crazy Lace. Bottom Row: Sonoran Dendritic Rhyolite, Chinese Writing Stone (Porphory), Script Stone (Coquina Jasper) and Howlite.
2. Turkish Agate Long Drop. Sold.
3. Citrine Slice. $28
4. Agate Slice. Polished on both sides. Yummy crystals in the center. I should do a video of this one. $22
5. Black Agate Slice. Polished on both sides. $18
6. Dark Stones.  
L: Black Jasper with natural top. Sold
R: Blue Goldstone with subtle sparkle. $22
7. Brazilian Sodalite. Gorgeous Blues. L: $28 M: Sold R: $22
8. Magnesite Arrowhead Cab. I love white stones in the summer. $24
9. Sonora Sunrise. Blues and reds. $26
10. These scream Spring.
L: Amazonite $16
R; Rose Quartz $20
11. Little Coffins.
L: Old Stock Turquoise $22
R: Green Goldstone. $21
12. Indonesian Birdseye Palm Root. $20
13. Doublet Teardrop. Stinking Water Plume Agate and Black Jasper. $34
14. Doublet. Stinking Water Plume Agate over Turquoise. I used reconstituted for this for color consistency. Sold.
15. Doublet. Stinking Water Plume and Black Jasper. $24
16. Old Stock Estate Turquoise.
L: Heart $22
R: Drop $22
17. Doublet. Turkish Plume Agate and Black Jasper. $42

That’s all for this week.  Thanks for coming along on my journey.  Sending much love your way.